Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building observatory, What is different north tower and south tower?


f:id:travelhacks:20170325110541j:plain Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building seems to have became popular spot among foreign visitors. The result of becoming popular, you have to wait before getting elevator, I saw many people waiting in a line in front of elevator.

To avoid to be confused which tower you should go up, south tower? north tower? I introduce the difference


north tower south tower
regular holiday second and fourth Monday first and third Thuesday
open time 9:30-22:30 9:30-17:30
※When north tower is holiday, it is open until 22;30
fee free free

If its holiday is national holiday, it is open and next day become its holiday. 10/17 and 12/29-31 and ½-3 are holiday

south tower


There is signboard at entrance of 1F

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landscapes you can see is not so different from north one


There is a restaurant located the center of observatory, unfortunately you cannot see the landscape from the restaurant.


There are many souvenirs which are specialty products of each prefecture in Japan.

north tower


There is also signboard at entrance of 1F

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landscapes you can see is not so different from south one, but you cannot see a direction of west.

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This restaurant face west, so you can see Tokyotower, Skytree from here.

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North tower also has souvenirs shop. This shop sell many toys like in pictures. Japan-like souvenirs are on sale as well.

peek time

f:id:travelhacks:20170328005248j:plain This is when I go there at 17:30 on Saturday, A staff said you have to wait about 1 hour


If you wanna get breakfast or be relux at cafe with spacious landscape, you should go up north tower
if you go there just before closing time of south tower like 17:00, you have to wait long time
if you wanna only see its landscape or take photo, both are okay.

In my experience, If you go there in early time like 10AM, you don’t need to wait long time.