Tasty ramen is not the only Ichiran!! Recommend Ramen in Shinjuku for foreign visitors by Japanese who lived in Shinjuku


I know guide-book, website introduce Ichiran is the best and popular It is exactly, the ramen is pretty good and I like it. however it is not the best, special one I wanna introduce.

some of times foreign visitors ask me where the restaurant is. everytime they ask me, I thought although there are many ramen restaurant, they get to there even if I introduce another one.

So I introduce my recommend ramen restaurants.

This time I introduce restaurants only in Shinjuku.

Ramen restaurants in Shinjuku


Address : 東京都新宿区西新宿1-13-6 or Nishishinjuku 1-13-6 f:id:travelhacks:20170317171913j:plain f:id:travelhacks:20170317172108j:plain This restaurant is no doubt my best This restaurant aim at ramen that can eat everyday, because most of ramen is pretty heavy. pork, chicken, fish and shellfish based soup is strong and light.

dipping nudle is my recommend.


Address : 東京都渋谷区代々木2-14-3 or yoyogi 2-14-3 ※ When I tried to search by GoogleMap with the above address, but for some reasons it didn’t mark correct place. To search with “Fuunji Ramen, Yoyogi, Tokyo” you will make it.

f:id:travelhacks:20170317171951j:plain f:id:travelhacks:20170325101217j:plain f:id:travelhacks:20170325101225j:plain In comparison to above restaurant “Sharin”, this ramen is very heavy and dense if you like thick ramen, you will like it.

dipping nudle is my recommend.


Address : 新宿区歌舞伎町1−27−3 or Kabukicho 1−27−3 ※ This ramen restaurant’s address also doesnt marked with the above correct address I made it with this words “ramen takahashi” you will make it. f:id:travelhacks:20170317172006j:plain f:id:travelhacks:20170317172022j:plain f:id:travelhacks:20170317172027j:plain

This restaurant use uncommon fish in ramen, flying fish based soup is must-eat.

ramen is my recommend.


Address : 渋谷区代々木2-11-19 or yoyogi2-11-19 f:id:travelhacks:20170317172104j:plain f:id:travelhacks:20170317192723j:plain

soy-source, vegetables, fish and shellfish based soup is very special, it taste quite sweet and light.

dipping nudle is my recommend


Address : 新宿区新宿3-32-2 or shinjuku3-32-2 f:id:travelhacks:20170317171837j:plain f:id:travelhacks:20170317171847j:plain

varieties of fish, shellfish and pork-bone based soup is very strong and dense

ramen is my recommend


Address : 新宿区西新宿1-18−5 or Nishi-Shinjuku 1-18-5 f:id:travelhacks:20170325084116j:plain f:id:travelhacks:20170325084111j:plain

pork-bone based soup is very mild and light. this is one of good restaurant can eat salty flavor ramen

ramen is my recommend


I tried to check if you find where the restaurant is by GoogleMap, but it is not stable to find. so the best way to find it by GoogleMap is typing the name of restaurant and the word of ramen with space like “Santouka ramen Shinjuku”, “Sharin ramen Shinjuku”