Nihonbashi cherry blossom festival 2017 〜with a lot of pictures〜


Many foreign visitors come to Japan for cherry blossoming but as of now the condition of cherry blossom is not enough
so I want foreigners who wanna see it to know it, I recommend to get there

Of course I am sure in the period that cherry blossom is full bloom foreigners can be satisfied with seeing it

I introduce it wirh a lot of pictures because my english is not good enough, and I think pictures can tell its wonderfulness than words



Nihonbashi area
When you get off Tokyo Metro Nihonbashi station, you will find it soon
if you look for the place with GoogleMap, you should search as follows with copy and paste

中央区日本橋室町2-2-1 or
Muromachi2-2-1 Nihonbashi



At 3/25 and 3/26, Cherry blossom street stall will come and long-established stores provide original menu only in the two days


it is important

Nihonbashi cherry blossom festival 2017

f:id:travelhacks:20170317151257j:plain Tree, buildings are lighted up

f:id:travelhacks:20170317145629j:plain Cherry blossom windy road which is lighted up by projection mapping

f:id:travelhacks:20170317145754j:plain Screen drawn a projection of cherry blossoms are swinging

f:id:travelhacks:20170317145807j:plain Drawing a projection of cherry blossoms on the road

f:id:travelhacks:20170317150206j:plain drawing bit its petal

f:id:travelhacks:20170317145822j:plain Lanterns are also designed cherry blossom pattern and colored that way

f:id:travelhacks:20170317145836j:plain Lanterns are also lined with on the wall

f:id:travelhacks:20170317145917j:plain The public square for rest are also lighted up by the lanterns

f:id:travelhacks:20170317145932j:plain You can be relux here

f:id:travelhacks:20170317150003j:plain The wall behind lanterns are drawn as well

f:id:travelhacks:20170317150046j:plain Buildings are not exception

f:id:travelhacks:20170317150059j:plain A rigid place like bank are lighted up

f:id:travelhacks:20170317150110j:plain Show window in a department are are decorated with its concept


That was fantastic, moony and dreamy spot
It is must-see